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WOW baby #2

April 30th
430 woke up with a strange side pain.. had some work issues and had been up all night thinking about it.
hubby told me to sleep he left for work
445 got up to go to the bathroom,,,water broke on the way down the hall.. great
called hubby let him know he needed to turn around and come home. took a shower.. packed bag.. it was 3 weeks too early
520 hubby gets home and we hug continue to get ready and wait for my mom to watch dd who just turned 2 april 28
545 mom gets there and we leave go to the hospital no contractions..
610 walk into the hospital and up to L&D.. the nurses asks me if i am sure my water broke.. MMMMM i hope so because i dont think i can hold that much pee..
615 checked and i am 3-4cm... changed rooms and got an enema.. yes i wanted it.
because my water broke and i was not in active labor they wanted to put some gel on my cerivx... no thank you.. i will walk.. my dr gave me 1 hour
740 (i cheated and walked more than an hour) 5-6cm and no contractions..
800 went to the L&D room i would give birth in. my dr said he would give me pit.. didnt want it but i was having blood pressure issue and he said it was best.. ok..
no pain drugs for me.. just like with the first..
8-900.. nurse said i wasnt having good contractions with the pit.. sh!t i thought i was.. but they were not measuring on the machine. my dr came in and i said i am sure i am having contractions.. he checked and i was 8cm.. he said great.. told the nurse to monitor me and he would be back.. as he walked out i was like OMG.... i said i am ready.. she said no you arent.. YES really.. i remained quite through it all... i dont like to make much noise.
10 my dr comes back in and says i hear you think you are ready... yep.. and it hurts... he checks 10cm.. YEAH... he doesnt even change out of his suit.. he puts on this plastic stuff... hubby holds my hand and here we go... ok i have to say this time it was rough..
after about 7 pushes our lil boy was out.. cord around his neck so they let hubby cut and they took him away.. i was soooo glad when i heard him cry.. i looked over to see him peeing on everyone.. yeah for him
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