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Macie Rose..2nd time Mom

Hi everyone,

Macie decided to surprise her Mom and arrive 3 days early....thank God!

Here is my birth story...

I was painting my nails at 10pm at night after having a full day with my oldest DD. I thought i felt "wet" but brushed it off thinking that i had maybe peed a little bit. I carried on painting my nails and continued to feel wet for the next half an hour. With DD #1 my water had also broke at home but i had felt a pop sensation, this time i felt nothing so i didn't think that it was my water.

Anyway, called DH at work and told him the situation. He was done his shift so he headed home. My Mum came up to be with my oldest daughter and we headed to the hospital. I was fully expecting them to send me home but after they tested my "pee" it turned out that it was my water. They put me on the monitor they noticed that Macie was dropping her heartbeat with my contractions (i didn't even know i was contracting). We stayed the night and i was started on Oxytocin at 7am because my contractions stopped. Come 1030am BOOM! Active Labour started i was 2-3cm dialated by's going to be a long day!

I was having terrible back labour and found that Macie was sunnyside up...i have never experienced pain like that in my life. My DH was putting pressure on my back and it felt so much better. I was using the Nitrous Oxide gas which was helping but soon it just wasn't cutting it. I asked for Morphine and Gravol which helped take the edge off. At 1130 i was asking for the epidural but the anesthesiologis was in the OR starting a new case and wouldn't be able to make it for an hour. I remember thinking "you want me to wait an hour, i can barely make it through the next contraction!". The next hour took every ounce of my strength to get through.

Around 1pm still no anesthesiologist. I said to my DH after a big contraction that "something is different, get the nurse!" I had the uncontrollable feeling to bear down and push! Penny our nurse came in and i told her that i had to push, she checked me and i was 9cm and a "lip". the next contraction i really started to push and penny yelled "STOP! She is crowning!" The doc was across the hall stiching another lady up. Penny yelled "i need help in here" all the nurses came running and the doc was right behind. i pushed and her head came out and one more push and Macie was born. they placed her on my chest and all those feelings of not knowing if i could ever love another child as much as my first went away instantly.

so overall i was 3 hrs of labour and 2 1/2 pushes..Macie is wonderful. We are breastfeeding and we are working on latch issues but overall everything is going well. Big sister Cailyn is loving her little sister and just can't help enough. Life is definetly challenging with 2 but we are taking each day as it comes.

Well ladies...that's my story. I wish all of you the best of luck in the final days of pregnancy. Trust me you will not be pregnant forever. See you over on 0-6mths

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