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Maternity Portraits

Anyone know a good photographer for maternity portraits? I dont want to break the bank but im desperate to find someone and QUICK!


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  • Check these sites. Justine cooper is really popular. Some of the sites list prices

    Justine Cooper

    Alice Garik

    Roberto Falck

  • I wentto Glamour Shots and was happy.  It cost maybe a third of what I was quoted for the "pro" photographers.
  • Okay, I this is gonna sound a little cheesy and cheap but I went to the Olan Mills studio at the 34th street Kmart. When I first started to look for a photographer to take my maternity portraits I was in awe of the prices, one photographer quoted me $345 and I would only get one 8*10 of that. I'm sorry but that's just outrageous. I ended up calling Olan Mills and I was sooo pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous the photos came out and we paid about $80 and got such a big package.

  • Believe it or not (and no I am not kidding) my SIL and BIL took GORGEOUS photos at Glamour Shots. I lie to you not!  You should really check them out--especially if you want quick and not breaking the bank.  If you want to follow up, I'll get the exact location.  When I tell you their pics were stunning--it's no lie (retouching is fabulous).  And I am very picky when it comes to pictures.  The photog who did Donald Trump's wedding did ours (and he was amazing), so I know good photos.  He does mat. photos too, just FYI, but would definitely break the bank. He's at  GL!
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