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Any experiences with Dr. Brian Berger at Boston IVF? I was planning to go to RSC but MIL was able to get me in with him apparently her doctor and some drug reps felt like he was great but they are in LI so I would like some people with personal experience. TIA
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TTC #1- unexplained...lost left ovary 4/07 IUI #1 2/10/09-BFN IUI #2 3/5/09-BFN IVF # 1-BFP

TTC#2- FET 4/7/11 BFP, Natural mc 5/5/11 IVF#2 ER 9/13/11, ET 9/16/11, Beta #1 9/27/11 BFP 254 Beta #2 9/30/11 793 -Twins!

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  • i went to bivf and met with him (he wasn't my doctor). he was great. And he got two of my friends pregnant! I have a wonderful DD now too thanks to BIVF, so I can't say enough good things about them.
  • I am now pregnant thanks to Boston IVF. My doctor there is Dr. Bayer, but Dr. Berger did my embryo transfer for my IVF cycle. He was so nice, professional, and...well...he's part of the reason I'm pregnant now :) Both DH and I liked him very much. We've had great experiences with 3 different doctors there (Bayer, Penzias, and Berger). I can't say enough about Boston IVF in general.
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