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Reproductive Science Center in Lexington

Anyone been there? What are you thoughts?
I am meeting with Dr. Ananian next week. She was refered to me from my PCP.
I was reading some reviews on RatemyMD and they were not that great.

Any infor/advice woudl be great.


Re: Reproductive Science Center in Lexington

  • i went to RSC in Lexington.  Dr. Anania was my dr. as well.  you don't really see the dr. after the initial consult, you deal w/ the nurses.  the nurses were awesome, i was not at all impressed w/ dr. anania and when we decide to try again after this baby i will not use her.  i thought her bedside manner was aweful, she didn't really listen to what i had to say.  i even went for a second opinion and the new RE was apalled at what she had done wrong w/ my procedures.  i cannot recommend her myself.  but that is just my opinion.  i still like RSC, just not her.
    good luck!
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  • if you ahve more questions i am not usually on this board, you can page me on SAIF.
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  • I also did not like RSC. I did not see her but had a consultation with Dr. Glatstein and got a weird vibe from him...he never made eye contact with me and asked what I was hoping to achieve, thought that was evident by me being there. I ended up switching to Boston IVF with Dr. Brian Berger and love him so far.
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  • Thank you both for your reply.
  • I loved RSC.  It was so easy and everything went so smoothly. Their nurses, front desk, billing dept - all was great.  We had Dr. Gladstein and he was great too. They are great dealing with insurance issues as well.
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