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Yikes!!! SD is on fire!!

I live in PB, and so far, we haven't gotten any evacuation orders.  How is everyone doing??!

Re: Yikes!!! SD is on fire!!

  • I am seriously miserable, but I think we're okay for now. We live in Poway, but haven't been asked to evacuate yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we won't have to, and also that I don't go into labor until I know we're safe (not like I have control over that!). We're packed and ready to go at a moment's notice, though...
  • All is well here where I am.  We are keeping our eye on the Harris fire though.

    I cleaned out my truck just in case........

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  • we are in el cajon - but i'm still so scared! they are putting a lot of people in our neighborhood (evacuees - sp?), but i'm still worried!!!
  • We are ok here in La Mesa, DH is still on standby at work :( though.
  • ahubbie - there was a fire in la mesa! my friends live behind the souplantation by junior seau's sports complex/la mesita and they were going to have to evacuate; luckily it's out now!
  • Amy- I know, I'm right there also behind that shopping center. There were helicopters overhead alerting us, it was really scary. Good thing they got it out pretty quick!  Hope everyone is ok tonight!
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    We've had a voluntary evacuation notice here in Carlsbad!  Everyone south of Palomar Airport Road received a voluntary evacuation notice. 
  • Oh my gosh beeboo - I hope you only go into labor near a working hospital.  My thoughts are with you!!

    So glad everyone is safe, but this is so scary.  Thanks to all the firefighters, what a big job they have.

    Stay safe everyone.

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