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State maternity leave standards?

Unfortunately, my company is too small to be covered under the FMLA and, while I'm meeting with my bosses tomorrow to discuss my options, I wanted to hear from some of you that have been there what other options are out there.

My boss has indicated that I can work from home, so that's a plus


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Re: State maternity leave standards?

  • I dont think many places offer mat leave least not in NC.  I think its pretty standard if your company offers it to expect Short Term for 6 weeks for a vag delivery and 8 for a c.  My short term was at 70% - but my first week was actual pto that I had to use before my short term would kick technically 6 weeks of paid disability and then I was able to remain out another 6 under FMLA.

    I wouldnt offer to work from home unless you are getting paid...those first 6 weeks were a blur to me.  I couldnt have worked (full time) and recovered.  I had a friend who went back to work 2 weeks pp and she regretted it so much.  She ended up with ppd, and missed out on some of the best moments of early parenting.

  • I would agree with PP - there's not much of a standard, at least that I've seen, and you don't see the term 'maternity leave' used much.

    My employer (a small non-profit that also does not fall under FMLA) offers STD - 6 weeks at 60% pay, regardless of type of delivery - with a 2 week waiting period.  I will also need to use all my sick/vacation.  When I was on leave before, I made my plan so I used a week of sick, then a week of unpaid time, so each paycheck was 1/2 what I was used to.  That worked for us - we needed *something* coming in.

    I was actually JUST figuring this out tonight - looks like I can stretch it to 12 weeks pp, and maybe even sneak in a week before my scheduled c-section just for myself :)  Maybe :)   

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  • My employer in NC stated that I would have to file for short term disability and that would give me 13 weeks and 60% of my salary she said if I needed anymore time I would have to apply for long term disability.

    Hope this Helps!

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  • I don't think there are any standards.  I also worked for a small company that wasn't covered by FMLA.  We had optional STD coverage that provided 66% pay for 6 weeks vaginal, 8 weeks c/s after a 30 day waiting period (so really 2 or 4 weeks of pay).  Other than that, we were expected to use accrued sick and vacation time, then unpaid time, up to a maximum 8 week maternity leave.
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