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laundry detergent?

Is there a reason why people always buy Dreft or another baby brand like this? I was wondering if you could just use a free and clear detergent such as purex, etc.?
Thanks ladies

Re: laundry detergent?

  • You can use any free and clear detergent.  I used Purex for the first washing of DD clothes. This last time the Purex baby brand was on sale, so that's what we got and actually if DC doesn't have sensitive skin you can REALLY use the same detergent you've been using for your own clothes, it doesn't HAVE to be free and clear, though a lot of the older generation will tell you you HAVE to use baby detergent (like DH's mom told me).
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  • I'm just going to use "7th generation" that we normally use anyway, it can't be that bad.
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  • I use Brisk Advance Clear and Free. You can buy it Fleet Farm for $9.99 (on sale often for $8.00). It is in 300 fl oz (just like Tide).

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