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did you use a maternity support belt?

if so, did it help?  My back is killing me already, and I have a long way to go. 


what kind did you get?



Re: did you use a maternity support belt?

  • I got the one that they sell at BRU, and it did help my back a lot!  However my uterus is so irritable that the extra restriction on my belly started to cause me to have contractions.  I don't think that this is typical though and probably more due to my irritable uterus than the belt.
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  • I used the prenatal cradle (ordered it on amazon) and I found it very helpful.  Also for back pain, make sure NOT to sit with your legs crossed, get a back support pillow for your chair at work and a small foot stool so that you are sitting in the right position.  I also saw a chiropractor, which helped me a lot.  GL.
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  • Thanks for the tips!  I'm a SAHM, so I don't sit for too long.  Maybe that's part of the problem! 


    I saw one at the motherhood store, but I was afraid to waste the money if it didn't really work.   I'm carrying these babies all out front though, and it's getting really uncomfortable!

  • I didn't with the twins b/c by the time I got uncomfortable i was out of work (27w) and on the couch much of the day.

    I did use one with my singleton pg - when i was working on my feet all day - it helped for sure.

  • I bought the one from Motherhood Maternity and was only able to wear until 32weekish, then I outgrew it. It helped when I wore it, but for me, I couldn't get a bigger size since I outgrew the XL, lol.
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  • The nurse at my peri's office suggested the prenatal cradle. She said that that's the one she hears the most positive feedback on from twin moms. I haven't gotten one yet, but I plan to.
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