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Is it just me

or does anyone else see some inappropriate dance moves for kids this young?  It is slow to start and gets better towards the end with a certain move no longer appearing, but between 30ish and 1:30 you can see what I am talking about.  Maybe I am really a prude and old fashioned, but I think I would die if I had young girl dancing like that. 

My sweet boy :)
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Re: Is it just me

  • Yeah...I agree. Far cry from the dance moves I learned in dance class back in the day!

    If you're a prude, I'll come hang out in the prude clubhouse with you. :-)

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  • OMG I completely agree. And that one little red head girl with the gray skinny jeans and purple t-shirt, she looked a little scary.
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  • I agree!  I will be prude and old fashioned with you.  My mom would have pulled me out of that dance circle and fussed at me all the way home...and sadly (sadly,being just like my mom, that is), if I had a daughter; I would do the same thing!!!!
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  • Ugh agreed.  Though if these kids are getting into the modeling industry, there will be a lot more for thier parents to worry about in 5 or so years.
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