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Should my DH come to my peri appt? (19w4d)

My DH doesn't come to any of my appointments with me, since we both work full time and have a DD to take care of. But my first Peri appointment is tomorrow and I don't know if  he should come or not. I originally told him no, and he has a big meeting that day. If I really need him to he can. I just don't want him to be stuck sitting there at an appointment that isn't really necessary?

Yay or nay?

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Re: Should my DH come to my peri appt? (19w4d)

  • my dh came to every appt, but i was on br, so he really didn't have a choice ;)  the 20wk appt is probably going to be an anatomy scan... long, and lots of looks at the babies for whoever can see the screen.  it is a good appt to share with dh and to ask lots of questions.  but if he has an important meeting, it's really just up to you guys. 

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  • My husband tries to go to all of my appts. and I know the anatomy scan is something he wouldn't have wanted to miss. Ask your man if he wants to go or if he can't reschedule his meeting, then ask him if there are any questions he'd like to ask the doc that you can ask for him.
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  • Why not call and find out what the office's plan is for you tomorrow?  You can probably make a better decision based on that.
  • Okay he is coming. I figured if I am really questioning it this much then he should really just come for my peace of mind if nothing else. Thanks guys!
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  • My DH comes to my peri appts but he doesn't always come to my OB appts.  My peri's u/s equipment is SO much better than my OB's (and the set up is more comfortable) so DH really enjoys coming along.  Also, as mentioned above, this is probably your anatomy scan or level 2 u/s.  You guys will get a nice long look at your LOs.  :)

  • I went to every appointment with my wife. Wouldn't miss any part of the experience for the world. We tried to schedule our sono either 30 mins before or after our regular doctors appointment. We brought our mothers to 1 of the sono appointments and when my father was visiting from Arizona, he came to 1 as well.
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  • I would call to see if they are going to the anatomy scan.  If you don't already know gender that is when they will tell you.. I'm sure DH wouldn't want to miss that.

    Hope the appointment goes well :)

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