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anyone else's DC not gaining weight btw appts?

so henry had his "18 month" checkup last friday. he hadn't gained any weight since his 12 month appointment, in fact, he lost a few ounces. now this isn't shocking to me, since he pretty much stopped eating when he turned 1, and the only good meal he eats is breakfast, but it's still a bummer. he did grow over an inch, so no issues there. anyway, the doctor's not worried about it because he's been sick, not drinking milk (since he was sick), etc, and i'm not worried about it, but it does kinda suck. i just wanted to know if anyone else was in the same boat.

also, henry's still not talking, so she referred us for an evaluation by EI. i know henry's perfectly normal developmentally (DH didn't talk til 3), but i wanted to just go ahead and get the services while we qualify, since they stop at 3.

and also, an AW: henry was in the bath last night and stood up and pointed at the potty and grunted. i put him on the potty, and he peed!!! we haven't even once put him on it before, and somehow he just knew. he asked to go 3 more times before bed (and he squeezed drops of pee out everytime, and even some poo!). i'm not deluding myself into thinking he'll PT early, but i guess it's time to go buy a little potty... he was nearly falling in the big potty last night.


Re: anyone else's DC not gaining weight btw appts?

  • In ref to talking....Alex is a let talker. He literally had a 5-8 word vocab until about a month ago. He is expanding slowly and is finally beginning to string 2 words together. But that's still few and far between. My dr isn't worried yet. Hang in there. I don't know your specifics but I know how frustrating it can be!
  • Maddie did ok between her 15 and 18 month appts, but I will be interested to see what happens at her 2 yr (although I guess that won't be for a while!). She seems to be growing up and not out right now, despite a voracious appetite. I'm like you though- not really worried about it b/c I know she eats.

    And we're kind of in the same boat with talking. I think she had 4-5 words at her 18 month appt? But her pedi is pretty laid back and decided that she understood enough that he wasn't going to worry about it until she is 2. And really, in the last few weeks she has added another 5 words or so. I have a friend who is a speech pathologist and she said the only 18 month she sees has zero words and his only communication is through screeching/screaming- no babbling or anything. So that made me feel a bit better.

    I am anxious for her to be talking more just b/c I feel like it will help her to be less frustrated when she wants something that I can't figure out, but hopefully it'll come soon. The weird thing is, she does 2 word phrases like "hi baby" or "bye papa" but still just doesn't have a very big vocab. But I've made up my mind not to stress about it until she turns 2- and hopefully it won't be an issue by that point!

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  • Jenhum...alex is/was the same way...bye everything but outside of that the vocab is still small. Lately he has been using the word go a lot. Paci go? Dada go? For where did___go? He gets frustrated easy too. So I feel your frustration.
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