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Lanique- name of cashier today at Walmart.

I didn't ask how to say it, but what are your guesses?

Lane- ee-kay?



Somehow else?

Re: Lanique

  • Lah-neek
  • I agree - like Clinique - with "Lah" for the "Cli!"
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  • imaged.squaredII:
    I agree - like Clinique - with "Lah" for the "Cli!"

    this, poor girl

  • imagekbelly9:

    Yep - like Monique


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  • imagekbelly9:

    Yeah, I thought this too.  It doesn't matter though, it's still Ick!.

  • Ah! That would make sense! Plus I had to do a double take to tell if the cashier was male or female.
  • like unique with a "La" instead of "u" - fantastic.  I wonder what she'll name her daughter one day...
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