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At what age do you quit put your child in a onesie? I'm not a fan of them. I just like the plain white ones that we use as an undershirt. But I hate when I see a really cute shirt (especially at Target) and it only comes in onesie form in her size. We have a few onesie outfits that were given to us, that she wears, but I don't ever buy them myself.
Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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Re: Onesies

  • I HATE shirts that are onesies. I took Kya out of white onesies when she was a little over 2. Only used them under shirts or to sleep in at night on hot evenings.
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  • john stopped using them between 12-18m...they were just a pain. who wants to deal with snapping button with a wiggly baby who doesnt want you to change their diaper
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  • I stopped at 12 months. Its like wrangling a monket trying to get their diaper changed at Amelias age right now too. lol
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  • We only do onesies for nightwear.  
  • I'm about to quit with DD. I still put them on her occasionally when it is still a little cold out unerneath her shirt.
  • I WISH I could be done with onesies! If only I could get my kids to keep their clothes on!!!  I think they will be 5 and still wearing them! HA!
  • I think I stopped using them around 12 months.  Caroline is so big now that I couldn't find a onesie that fit her if I wanted to!
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  • Probably around a year or so but when they started taking off their diapers I put them back on for a couple of weeks until they stopped doing that.
  • I quit the white onesies under shirts just recently (18 months), just because it was winter and I didn't want him to be cold when I was picking him up and his shirt would ride up or whatever.  He just outgrew the 24 month size, so I won't buy anymore.  I really don't like regular shirts on (my) small babies/infants, because it just seems more comfortable to have something that stays in place when they are laying around all day. 
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  • I quit using them around one year - Geneva's torso was just too long to fit them comfortably. The only one I kept was a turtleneck onesie to wear under a couple jumpers we had. It helped to keep her tights up.
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  • We quit using them when the boys started walking I think.  I don't miss them one bit!!
  • I'm about to quit using them now! I'm so ready to be done with them.
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  • We're still doing them. I don't have feeling about them one way or the other.
  • I still use them occassionally.  I like them for play clothes for sure, a onesie w/ cute shorts is perfect for the park!  I hate  when her shirt rides up and you can see the top of a diaper out of her shorts.  Tess wears mostly leggings and tunics though.
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    I actually like them so DDs will be wearing them for a while.  I think they just look neater than pants and shirt since the they cover diapers better.  Also, I have one DD with a little bit of a belly and onesies make sure it's covered.  My other DD is smaller, so the onesie gives her a little more thickness around the middle so her pants aren't as big. 
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  • My DD pooped so much from ages 2months-6months that I stopped using them because it was such a pain dealing with the buttons and sometimes the poop would get all over the onesie. So my babies dont wear onesies at all- I stopped when they were about 4 months old. They wear long sleeve shirts and if it's chilly, I will put an undershirt on them.
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  • At this age, a lot of DS's clothes are hand me downs from generous friends. There are quite a lot of onsies, but I'm starting to prefer t-shirts. The only problem is that they ride up, so I still use the white onsies underneath them. He's still in a Carter's 6 month size of those. It amazes me when people comment that he's such a big boy. Um, no, pretty small actually.
  • I feel the same way.  I personally won't put Oliver in a onesie once he passees the 18 month mark for sure.  We stopped buying them a few months ago.  His belly is huge and sometimes they are super tight and look hilarious!

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  • my personal opinion is that once a kid can walk, they no longer need a onesie (I consider it tummy protection when on the floor). And if you are using it under other clothes, then please STOP when you are trying to potty train....seriously...can't be easy for the kid!
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  • Onesies are great for wee tots but after 9 months I quit putting DD in one.  They drove me nuts and she wouldn't stay still in diaper changes long enough to button it back.  
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