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Water Birth, Omaha Nebraska

My husband and I are currently TTC, and we are looking at alterative birthing options.  One that has really stuck out is doing a water birth, but we are having a hard time finding  hospitals that even have a bath tub in the delivery room. Which I don't understand that, but any sugguestions would be helpful.

Re: Water Birth, Omaha Nebraska

  • I delivered my 1st at UNMC, and if I remember correctly, they have birthing tubs.  I would call and ask to be sure.
  • I had a great experience there, by the way.  We'll be there again in September.  :)
  • At the current Methodist hospital (not sure about the new Women's hospital out west), there are 2-4 rooms that have jacuzzi tubs in them for laboring, but I'm pretty sure when we did the hospital tour, they said you have to get out of the tub when you're giving birth.  I haven't heard of any places in town you can do a water birth. 

    I'm sure you already know this, but just keep in the back of your mind that however your baby comes into the world, the most important part is that you and baby are healthy, whether or not it all goes according to your birthing plan. =) GL!

  • UNMC and the midwives is pretty much your only option unless you have a home birth.  I have a doula client right now who is delivering at UNMC and hopes that she" just happens" to be in the tub when its time to push!!  I have another good friend who just had the most amazing home waterbirth in January.  Her birth video made me cry, it was so beautiful.  Good luck on your ttc journey!! Lots of babydust your way! 



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  • I delivered at Lakeside Hospital and they told me there that they no longer do them in nebraska. I dont understand why either. lol
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