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Possibly moving to Bentonville/Fayettevilly area

Hi ladies!  I'm currently in NY, but my husband is thinking about interviewing for a postion with Walmart's Home Office, so moving to your area is a possibility.  Any input you can give me about your area would be great.  We have a 21 month old, and I'm a SAHM.  Eventually I'll go back to teaching, but not for another 5 years or so probably.  Thanks for anything you can tell me!

Re: Possibly moving to Bentonville/Fayettevilly area

  • Hey,  I moved to southern AR about 2.5 years ago from KS.  My Dad is from NY, and I spent a lot of time there as a kid.  I don't live in that area (NW AR), but I am familiar with it.  People here are really really nice.  The culture is different and it takes some getting used to, but it's not bad. 

    Bentonville is really close to Rogers and Fayetteville where the major university is and where most of your nightlife and shopping would be done. 

    Flying can be a pain at first since you have to drive a while to get to the airport, but you get used to it.  

    The parks, trails, and lakes here are pretty amazing.  People spend a lot of their free time in the outdoors here and the winters are not as harsh as you are used too.

    Hope this helps and good luck to your husband on the job front. 







  • Hi! I do not live in that part of the state, but DH's dad works there and really loves it. Walmart's corporate office seems to be a really good place to work. The Bentonville area is nice. The scenery is beautiful and there really is a lot to do. Good luck!
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  • Hi! I live in Bentonville and have lived in the NWA area for most of my teens years and adult life, so I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

    Bentonville is a great place to live. If your hubs is going to be working at WMHO, you will definitely want to live in Bentonville or an outlying area (Centerton, Bella Vista, Rogers) because the traffic around WMHO during the week is awful. However, if you're planning to buy, the Bentonville/Centerton area is the place to do it because housing prices are lower than they are in the Fayetteville area, and the houses are nicer. My husband and I just bought a 3BD/2BA, 13yr old house in West Bentonville for less than 90k. Bentonville schools are the best in the area as well.

    The best shopping can be found in the Rogers/Bentonville area. The Promenade Mall is a newer facility and has a great selection of stores. There is a mall in Fayetteville as well, which is an indoor mall. I prefer the Promenade though because it has a better selection of stores. I usually only go to the Fayetteville mall if it's raining.

    For nightlife, making the trek to Fayetteville is usually a better choice. Dickson Street is the best place to go for bar hopping. The Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville is great for shows, a lot of broadway shows come through as well as other types of shows. For concerts, UofA puts on a concert series in the fall/early winter, and the AMP (Arkansas Music Pavilion) usually has a good line up in the summer time. Both areas offer a great assortment of restaurants to choose from, so that's never an issue.

    The only thing you won't like about the area is the traffic, but coming from NY I'm sure that won't be an issue for you. The streets just weren't designed to handle the kind of traffic that they get, as no one really expected the area to explode in population the way that it has.

    That's about all I have. If you have any specific questions, feel free to page me on the September 2009 Anniversary Board. That's where I hang out the most. Good Luck!
  • Hey! I live in NWA, and I love it.  There is a lot to do in the Fayetteville/Bentonville area. There are great schools in the area when you do decide to go back to school.  I teach, and I have friends that teach in the area.  Feel free to PM me anytime.  I spend most of my time on the Toddlers 12-24 board.  
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  • Hi!  I live in Fayetteville. Both hubby and I work at the University of Arkansas.  We moved from Baton Rouge.  We love it!  To us, the traffic seems nonexistent, but that's because Baton Rouge traffic is a cluster! 


    It is a VERY family-friendly area.  Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!  GOOD LUCK!

  • Hey there! My family is originally from the Portland area in Oregon. I've lived in Northwest Arkansas for quite a while and I am proud to call it my home. This area is the perfect place to raise a family! NWA is a rapidly growing area as well and is a central location for fun things to do close by. Walmart HO is an awesome company to work for. I think you guys would love it! The main things we had to get used to were people (strangers) saying hi and waving at us.. and the outrageous humidity during the summer months.. I've lived her for 15 years or so and I'm still not used to it.. Hope that helps!
  • imageMrsCMHobbs:
    The main things we had to get used to were people (strangers) saying hi and waving at us..
    Haha! People are, for the most part, extremely friendly here. It's nice!
  • Lived in Fayetteville for 23 years!! LOVE IT! Its a beautiful and for the most part safe place to live and a great place to raise your children! great schools and friendly people with lots of fun stuff to get into!
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