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Postpartum Depression

Jealousy and PPD

I wonder if I would have these feelings otherwise, or if it is part of the PPD.  But I have been insanely jealous of the lives of many of my friends and family.  From wanting to be a SAHM to wishing I were pregnant again right now.  Do you feel like this at times, too?  I wish I could push these thoughts from my mind, but I keep feeling them, brought on by simple things.  I don't want to senselessly destroy my relationships, of course.  But it just seems difficult to be happy and supportive of others at all times when I am busy envying them.
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Re: Jealousy and PPD

  • Hi! I just wanted to say you are not alone. I have been feeling very jealous of friends who are able to stay home full time with their baby. I also miss being pregnant..not sure if that is jealousy but almost like I am mourning not being pregnant anymore
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  • Same here. My best friend is getting married and I know I should be so excited for her, it's just hard to be. Plus, her and her fiance are being so cheesy to eachother over fb it makes me want to puke. I know she was jealous when I was pregnant and when I got married. I told myself I wouldn't be like that with her. I just feel so stressed out, it's really hard to be excited. I also miss being pregnant. I KNOW that I don't want another baby yet. I just miss the emotions, excitement, etc.
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