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Postpartum Depression

PPD returning or regular depression?

My OB recommended trying to go off of my Zoloft when DD hit 6 months.  I was very nervous to do so, but decided that I would try over the Christmas break when DH would be home with us.  Everything went well and I was feeling pretty good.  Lately I have been feeling so down and extremely tired.  The smallest things get me so upset.

I have always had some minor issues, but now I am starting to wonder if I have been dealing with depression longer than I thought and the baby just brought it all to a head.  I'm trying to figure out who I should contact about this?  My OB or my regular doctor?  How will I know if this is more than PPD?


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Re: PPD returning or regular depression?

  • I am no expert, but PPD can occur anytime within the first year after giving birth, your hormones may not go back to normal until then. I would call your OB, and if he/she is unwilling to help you then try your PCP.
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  • I was told using it up to 12 months is beneficial. I weaned off at 11 months and then after a series of events I ended up back on it 6 months later for another 10 months.
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