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Postpartum Depression

my worst fear is...

That I have ruined my relationship completely with my DS.  I hate that I have been so MAD that it has taken all my might not to toss him down the stairs.  I am getting better and controlling my temper more...I just want to be a better mom.  I hate the guilt I feel for scaring him and making him cry when he is such a poor helpless creature.  I am getting help- I hate feeling this way.  Just wanted to let that out of my system...I feel better now.  Amazingly he still smiles when he sees me and that makes me feel like I must be doing something right part of the time! =)
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Re: my worst fear is...

  • I'm glad you're getting help - this happens to a lot of women. Doesn't make you a bad person or a bad mom. And don't worry, your ds is young and will have no memory of this time.

    Good luck to you. 

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  • That is the greatest thing...they will always have a smile for us. 
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  • I felt bad because the other day LO was having a terrible napping day- I was exhausted and trying to nap while he did, but by the time I fell asleep he was awake again. Anyway, I yelled that I wished he would "just go to sleep!" and he started crying. I felt like crap. I gave him hugs and calmed him down.. But you're NOT a bad mom! We all have moments where we are frustrated. Anytime you need to talk or vent you can come on here or even talk to me!! :) I hope things get better for you.
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