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Postpartum Depression

PPD or exhaustion? (XP from 3-6)

I just took an online quiz to see if I might have PPD, and I do have a lot of the symptoms.

Being a single mom and having a baby who is consistently up 5 times every night is exhausting though. Irritability, headaches, crying, feeling worthless and guilty....I feel like all of those would be normal for anyone who is dealing with this alone.

The only thing that I've been really freaked out about is my anxiety about the baby. I feel guilty when I want him to sleep more or when I'm feeling like I need a break from him, and even though I know it's irrational I feel like he's gonna die of SIDS because I'm thinking those thoughts...and that it would be my fault. Like me wanting him to sleep longer makes me a bad mom and because of that he's not gonna wake up one day.

Now that I'm writing it out I think it's likely that there really is something wrong with me, and that I do need help but I don't even have medical coverage anymore....therapy and medication are an expense I can't afford for myself.

What would you do if you were in my place? What can I do?

Re: PPD or exhaustion? (XP from 3-6)

  • I'm so sorry you are going through all this. Can you call and talk to your doctor on the phone and explain the situation? He/she might be able to give you some resources in your area. I know in my are there are PPD support groups that are free. or call your hospital and ask around for support groups for new moms or single moms.

    is there anyone who can take your little one for a little while or come stay the night with you so you can get some sleep?

    DD 4yo DS 1yo
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  • ((Hugs)) That sounds rough - I can't imagine doing this on my own, I'm sure that makes everything about 10,000x harder. I think we all (especially as new moms) have so many fears - I know I still think about SIDS to this day.

    I think maybe some counseling will help you - have you looked into Medicaid benefits? I'm not sure what they entail, but maybe you can get some help through government programs - you shouldn't have to suffer! 

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