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What's the latest you started cow's milk?

I know it's fine to start at 12 months but did anyone start much later than that?  I still have lots of frozen BM (I'm currently using milk I pumped in August) and I am determined to use all of that before introducing cow's milk.  I have no idea when I'll run out of BM but I know it won't be soon.

Re: What's the latest you started cow's milk?

  • that's a good predicament.  I'll be starting after the year after I use up the formula I have in the house. 
  • We're still nursing, albeit only 2-3 times a day.  At 26+ months, DD still hasn't tried cow's milk at all.  Of course, she's been having all other dairy products for a long time, just never straight milk.  Nobody that I've asked about it has raised an eyebrow at all. :)
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  • Yes, use all of that frozen BM!!  We started introducing cow's milk around 12 months but my freezer stash was already diminishing, although as we started dropping bottles (I EPed) we actually made it to 14 months before the frozen BM ran out.  (We were introducing cow's milk in sippys to replace one bottle at a time so bottles were still BM).  I don't think there's any problems with delaying cow's milk.  And like alchris said, other dairy products will be there. Congrats on the awesome problem to have!!

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