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One more question

Does anyone know if the H&M at Beachwood has a maternity section? I know some do and some don't. I'm just getting bored with my tees and shirts to wear around home.
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Re: One more question

  • from what i, they don't.
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  • I looked at that H&M, and they don't. 
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  • You don't *have* to wear maternity-specific clothing. If it fits, wear it. Check out a lot of the babydoll styled tops in stores. For me, at least until about halfway thru my pregnancy (probably a little longer than that), I could get away with wearing certain styles of 'regular' clothes. Yoga pants were a total staple for me, too.

    For 'maternity' clothing, have you checked out Kohl's? Also, some of the Burlington Coat Factory locations have a maternity section. I know the one in Cuyahoga Falls does. Middleburg Hts used to, but I don't know if they phased it out. Call first! And, most Target locations have some maternity clothing, too.

    I also bought some maternity clothes at the kids secondhand stores around town. In Stow, Growing Years has a good selection in all sizes.

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