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Inova Fairfax vs. Inova Fair Oaks

So I'm at 20 weeks and like the OB/GYN practice that I go to in Fairfax. The problem is that they are affiliated with Inova Fairfax, and now I'm thinking about delivering at Inova Fair Oaks based on what I've read online about maternity care at that hospital.

Does anyone have an opinion about delivering at Fairfax vs. Fair Oaks? Is it worth switching doctors at this point? I'm worried about finding another doctor that takes my insurance and one that will take me at all now given that I'm halfway through my pregnancy.

Re: Inova Fairfax vs. Inova Fair Oaks

  • I delivered at Fairfax because they have a level III NICU and we were high risk.  I was totally against it at first because I have heard that the delivery process was great but the after care was terrible.  I have to say, that was not my experience at all.  Both my delivery and stay were great.  The nurses, with the exception of one, were really incredible.

     We heard Fair Oaks was really good and more personable,

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  • Thanks for your reply. I decided to stick with Inova Fairfax since they deliver the most babies in the area (so I've been told) and don't want to change doctors at this point. I also called a doctor's office that has a doctor who delivers at both hospitals, and they told me that 95 to 97 percent of their expectant moms still deliver at Fairfax.

     Congrats on your beautiful babies, by the way!

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