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belly button piercing hole closing

I took my piercing out a couple months ago b/c it was causing me pain, but I keep putting it back in every few days b/c I don't want the hole to close.  For the past few weeks my belly button has been slowly turning into an outie, right now its more flat though.  Starting a week ago when I'd put the barbell back in I'd have to force it through b/c it seems like the hole is closing.  Now I've started to put it in every other day and this morning it hurt and bled a tiny, tiny bit.  I really, really want to keep the hole, I don't want to get it repierced either, but do I just need to give up on it already?  I feel like I need someone else to tell me to just let it go!  What do you think?
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Re: belly button piercing hole closing

  • I'd say let it go. I tried to keep mine in, but now I have some ugly scarring to show for it (where the ring stretched the skin as my belly grew). I wish I had taken it out earlier.

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  • I don't have one but I know they make rubber ones that keep the hole open and are safe for pregnancy.
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  • I say let it go.  If it means that much to you, you will get it pierced again afterwards.  I wouldn't subject myself to the pain of forcing it back through every other day.  Sounds like it hurts...  Good luck.
  • I wish I had better advice, but I still have my ring in! It really hasn't bothered me at all. My stomach looks ridiculous, because I have had mine pierced twice and the first hole stretched out into scars that look like an eagle above my top ball on my ring. LOL. My belly button hasn't popped out either, I don't know if it will. But if it helps you make a decision...if you keep it out and it closes and you decide to get it re-pierced, it hurts soooo much worse the second time. I had to take mine out because of an infection when I was like 16, right after I got it. I got it redone after it healed and it hurt like a mother! I've had my belly button, tongue and the monroe piercing twice and I still think that belly button is the MOST painful and even more so the second time around with scar tissue. GL!
  • I took my belly button piercing out a month after I found out I was pregnant.  When DS was a baby, he kept kicking it/pulling it when I would hold him, so I knew I didn't want to go through that again.
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  • I'd read somewhere that the belly button hole is the one piercing that will never fully heal.  So, it's possible that the pain/bleeding you're experiencing when trying to "keep it open" is from hitting other never-been-pierced skin that's in the way because of the way things are shifting.  I'd been inclined to say let it go for now and then see what happens once everything's back in place after LO arrives.  I know that's my game plan anyway.
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  • Oh, and the pregnancy piercings didn't work for me. I tried them. But they did seem to work for some, so maybe you could look into it.

    Evelyn (3.24.10), Graham (5.30.13) & Miles (8.28.16)
  • I say keep it. Just go buy you a maternity belly ring. I had to take my regular ring out a little while back b/c of my growing belly. But with the maternity ring it keeps the hole open and is long so you have room for your belly to grow without stretching and scarring.
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  • I took mine out at 12 weeks when I was pregnant with DS and STILL had stretch marks from it. This time I kept it came out 2 weeks ago.

    I'd let it go because it's probably not the hole that's closing, it's probably just tight from being stretched.

    I had mine for 2 years when I took it out the first time. I went back a year after DS was born (so it had been out for 2 years at that point) to get it repierced and they didn't have to repierce. It had just closed a little bit so they let me pay just for a new belly ring and they stretched it out for me (I couldn't have done that to myself, lol). This time I plan on putting it back in right after she's born (so it will only have been out for a few months) so it won't need to be restretched.

    And, yes, I realize I will be 24, but I like my belly ring. I am totally clinging to my teen years, lol.

  • Lucky girl...  I've had mine out for over 2 years now and it still hasn't closed up.  I would just give it up and then have it repierced down the road of that is what you want to do.
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  • Mine closed up boo
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  • I am almost I took the ring out and will just let it go.  Time to move on!  Big Smile
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  • mine was starting to close but i got a maternity belly ring, which is long and flexible. i didn't want mine to close.
  • I took mine out probably 4 or 5 years ago and it never completely closed.  Now the hole just looks strange from being stretched.
  • I agree with pp, I'm gonna be 30 this year and so I figured I'd just let mine go. I've noticed recently though that the bottom part of the piercing is beginning to kinda close up and I'd had that ring in for 12 years. hmm

    My SIL, who has lots of piercings said the maternity ring works pretty well.

  • I've been poking mine through every week or two...they don't seem to be closing up. (I have two, one top and one bottom) At this point, I just push the skin together to lessen the tightness and use a little Vaseline to help it slide through.
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