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Is your LO...?!?

Is your little one also sick???  My poor poor LO is sick with the coughing and stuffy nose.  It sucks for her and I feel bad because she's coughing and coughing and can't get that yucky mucus out.  She's not even a month old yet.  She'll be tomorrow, but I can just tell that she's miserable cause she's not taking very much of her formula these days.  The doc said she's got a cold.  Want this yuckiness to end for her.  Hope everyone's LO isn't sick like my little DD.  Everyone have a safe and healthy new year!!

Re: Is your LO...?!?

  • I know how it is... my DS has had this stupid cold since Christmas day and I feel so bad for him because he's still very congested and has a hard time breathing. Best wishes to you and your LO. Hoping this passes soon!
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