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Postpartum Depression

so I finally did it (rp 0-3)

I finally ordered the Angelcare monitor.

After yet another night of staying awake watching my baby breathe, and crying thinking he might not be alive when I wake up...I can't take it.

I even paid extra for quick shipping. I realize I may be insane, but some part of me just doesn't really believe that I deserve to keep this wonderful boy, and I can't go a single day without visualizing the worst case scenario.

anybody gonna tell me if this monitor was worth it?

Re: so I finally did it (rp 0-3)

  • Totally worth the expense! 
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  • it will probably be worth it if the SIDS is trully the source of your anxiety and it doesn't go deeper than that. If the monitor doesn't help or if the anxiety pops up in a different form I would consider going to counseling or talking to your doctor about anxiety meds. This particular fear might just be your scapegoat fear to a deeper issue if you KWIM.

    That being said - I was also paranoid about SIDS, I didn't get the monitor but we followed all the guidelines to a T. Fan in the room, slept in our room until 6 months, on her back, no blankets, not too warm. I started worrying less about it when she turned a year - but I still check on her before I go to bed and if I get up to use the bathroom at night.

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  • trust me it's worth it! I have great peace of mind with mine!
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