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Boston u/s consultants??

Hi, we have an appt with boston u/s consultants in 2 weeks for my 1st tri screening test, u/s. Has anyone been there, does the tech talk to you and tell you whats going on>??


Re: Boston u/s consultants??

  • We went there for two ultrasounds. The first time was no big deal. Just confirmation of pregnancy. The next time was the first screening test. The guy who preformed the NTscan sucked! So I complained to my doctor and she gave us the option to go elsewhere for our 18 week/20 week ultrasound. They have more than one person do the scans at Boston u/s. For the most part they were very nice. We just got the guy who sucked and clearly wasnt in a good mood. He didnt talk to us much because he was so frustrated that our LO wouldnt stop moving. They had me go back out into the waiting area and go back in 30 mins later because he was so frustrated. So good luck and hopefully you will have a better expeirence

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