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Good OB/GYN in Louisville

I'm new to the board and I just starting TTC this month. I have an OB/GYN but I don't like him too much. I was wondering if anyone knows a good doc in Louisville. Also any advice about TTC is always appreciated.

Re: Good OB/GYN in Louisville

  • I go to Women first of Louisville.  I switched to them after TTC unsuccessfully for two years and got pregnant the very next cycle.  I saw Dr. Terry but then once you get KU they circulate you through all of the OBs so you can meet them all. 

    The only thing is that there are several docs so if you're looking for something personal it's not for you.  They are a very popular and very busy office but I love them.

  • I absolutely love advocates for women's health! They are fantastic! They helped me through preg and delivery of ds, and through TTC of dd, and when we lost dd, and delivered her, one of the dr's stayed with me at the hosp for 16 hrs until I delivered. My dr was off on maternity leave or she would have been there. She called me from her home and sent me the sweetest card with a long hand written note. They are all wonderful drs, and for the most part, the staff is also really considerate and caring. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!
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  • I second Advocates for Women's Health.  I am having my first child any day now and have been VERY pleased (and I"m pretty picky).
  • I go to Women's First. I have been through two pregnancies with them and they were great! My co-worker also is on her second pregnancy with them and loves them.
  • I go to Total Woman and LOVE it!  It's at the Norton Suburban Women's Pavillion.  There are 6 Drs in the practice and they are all super nice.  Highly recommend them.
  • Advocates for Womens Health!!!  I love my doc, and I love the fact that it is very personal and you stick with your doc the entire time.  They have been wonderful and I never have to wait for my appt., and I have yet to be rescheduled.  I had a hard time conceiving and my doc was truly wonderful and helped us emotionally along the way.
  • Associates in OB/GYN. They are on the 3rd floor of the Norton Suburban Women's Pavilion. LOVE THEM. I have PCOS and have had Endo, and my OB has been nothing but supportive. They are also very honest and real with you - we had some tricky 1st tri test results and they were open with us, yet compassionate. And I have the best C-Section scar ever - barely there. 

  • Ditto!
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  • I go to Women's First!  Love it!
  • I go to All Women and love it!  They're associated with Norton Suburban and Baptist East--in the Norton Suburban medical plaza.  They are all women and deal with female health care issues at all ages.  They also send you around to all the other doctors after you are KU, but they also have one Dr who does NOT deliver babies, so you're assured that at least one doctor is in the office :)
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  • i go to Associates OB/GYN and I LOVE IT!  All of the doctors in the practice are amazing and know everything when it comes to having a baby or other woman issues.  they also keep a closer eye on you when certain things during pregnancy comes up.  in my case at the begining of my pregnancy i wasn't sure that i was pregnant i thought maybe i was having gallbladder issues but with my first ultrasound it showed that i was actually pregnant and not having gallbladder issues.  i've been with AOG since i turned about 20 and im going on 24.  my original doctor retired but i see Dr. Evans and she is amazing.  also, if you live near dixie hwy they have an office there as well.  i went there a couple times when i was just going for tummy checks during pregnancy but went there all the time for my yearly exam.  if someone was looking for an OB/GYN i would definitly recommend them.
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