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anyone have experiences at LRGH in Laconia NH?

Hi, I'm curious if there's anyone out there who's delivered at LRGH - what do you think of the hospital, and any suggestions for OBG's in the area?


Re: anyone have experiences at LRGH in Laconia NH?

  • I opted for Concord Hospital and my prenatal care at Concord OB. Concord and LRGH were about equal distance for me and I hadn't heard BAD things about Laconia but I had heard GREAT things about Concord, thus my decision...

     I know that that Franklin Hospital and LRGH are linked and I had heard bad things about Franklin and how they can't deliver babies anymore due to malpractice...don't know the whole truth but that connection made me a bit leary.

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  • I had my son at LRGH in 2007... it was the worst experience!  I loved my OB ( i had Dr. Domin)... he was not on call the night i had connor, so Dr. Drake delivered me.  She was very short with me and my hubby, the nurses seemed like they didnt want to be there, i had a nurse trip on my IV and rip it out of my arm TWICE!  I went thru 12 hours of hard labor, 4 hours of pushing, they used the vacuum, and they finally decided to give me an emergency c-section.  They let my hubby in AFTER Connor was already out, never asked him to come see the baby, didnt let him take pictures  etc... it was just aweful.  We are trying for baby #2, and we will be going to concord hospital, even though its a 40 min drive instead of 10 min.  I do not recommend LRGH to anyone.....  Good Luck....
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