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Stafford anyone?

Hello ladies,

I'm pretty new here although I've been lurking for a while. Does anyone live in Stafford VA? We just moved here from DC and it's quite a change of pace but we love it! It's was a great move for the kids. I can't really relate to the DC board and I'm not as far south as Richmond so anyone in Stafford or Fredericksburg you have a new friend! :)

Re: Stafford anyone?

  • I live in Fredericksburg! It's nice to see a "neighbor!"
  • I am from the Fredericksburg area. I live a little further south but work in Fredericksburg. I love this area, because its a little slower pace :) How far along are you? I am at 5 weeks!


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  • Hi Ladies,


     I'm new to Stafford (from Michigan)! This is my first pregnancy and hopefully I can make some friends! Let's keep in touch Ladies!

  • I work in Stafford and spend a lot of time in FredVegas... but I live out in Ladysmith. I didn't even know there was a VA board???

     Welcome to the area!

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  • We live in Orange but are moving to the burg soon.  I slug out of stafford.
  • Hello Ladies!!

    I live in Ladysmith and work out of Quantico (90% of the time) and DC (the rest of the time!). We just found out we are pregnant and I am looking for other women in the area going through the same amazing craziness!!

    I would love to meet up/talk/shop!! :-)


  • I'm 38 and 11 weeks along with my first. I live in the 'Burg just off of the FredVegas strip! It would be great to get together so I don't feel like the only PG woman in town. Smile Would anyone be interested in meeting up on the weekend sometime this month or next month? BTW, I slug out of Stafford too.



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