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Hemp ?

  I was thinking about buying a hemp fabric peice and sewing my own inserts.  Anything I should know?  Is it excessivley difficult?

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  • From what I understand it's a PITA.  It has to be prepped a TON and it might be more cost effective just to buy them made.
  • Yes, there is prep work involved to get them ready for sewing.  And if you have only a sewing machine it is a complete PITA.  That's what I did with my first batch of inserts and they were functional but terrible looking and had rough edges no matter what stitch I used so it would bunch in places and poke DS essentially where the fabric bunched.  If you have a serger it's much easier and way less issues.
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  • Sounds like I am buying pre-made...
  • humph... I thought it was no problem!!!

    I just bought some hemp from Kidsinthegarden, prewashed it twice (put it in with whatever) and then folded and cut to size and sewed with zig-zag stitch. The ends tend to roll when you have prepped the fabric, but to me it was not a big deal at all. Yes, my edges are a bit raggedy compared to ones that have been serged, but the thing goes inside a diaper, so I really see no need for perfection.

    that said, hemp isn't very cheap, so you are only going to be saving much money if you are doing a lot of inserts.

    [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/6f6xid.jpg[/IMG] <P>

    baby Mae
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