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When is the "best" time to have a baby shower?

I'm due mid-May and a friend wants to throw me a shower (yay!).  When (in relation to the due date) do most people have theirs?  What might be considered a little early to have one, and what would late enough that you may not have time to buy all of the items you didn't receive as gifts?

Re: When is the "best" time to have a baby shower?

  • For me, I'd say anytime between 28-34 weeks for an out of town shower, or up to 37 weeks for a local shower. You want to be showing, but not too close to the due date!
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  • I had mine at 32 weeks. To me, that was perfect timing. I was definitely showing, but still had plenty of time to get last minute stuff afterwards. GL!

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  • I had 3 showers...I was due October 14th and i had them the last week of august, 1st & 2nd week of september..they were all local so that wasn't an issue and i didnt really have much that i had to buy!!

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  • I'd vote for earlier rather than later but my bias is clear--went into labor at 32 weeks very suddenly and unexpectedly.  I had a shower 3 days before my water broke.  Clearly this isn't the norm, but I'd aim for at least before 34 weeks.

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