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Anyone out there actually from Alaska? ?=)?

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Re: Hello?

  • Me!
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  • And me.

    Ugh....  don't check her as often as I should.  There has to be more AK mommies out there!

    March 21, I find out how far along we are. :)
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  •  Me too! Due in December and looking for new mommy friends!!!
  • A December mommy, huh?  Before or after Christmas? 

     I need new mommy friends too.  I am a fairly new transplant to AK and having this bay without my mom & family terrifies me.  ugh.

     Besides the hospitals, do you know of any baby classes in the area?

    March 21, I find out how far along we are. :)
  • December 4th! I am in the same boat as you. All my family is in New York and The few friends I have out here are no where close to having kids of their own. Luckily my mother is comming out for a month hopefully before the baby is born. There are childbirth classes at some of the local birthing centers, but they are pretty pricy. Let me know if you find anything good!

  • Sorry ladies.. I have checked back in a while! ?I'm glad there are some other Mamas who I can chat with in my time zone :)

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  • I am in Anchorage and just got my BFP this weekend.  I keep forgetting that we have this board.  I moved up here about three years ago from GA, and it scares me to be away from my family too!
  • Seems like a few of us are transplants. ?H and I are actually on our way... all the way from South Carolina.
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  • Hi! I am in Anchorage as well! I was born and raised here, so I know a lot about the area for those that have questions. For the mom who asked about classes, both Providence and AK Regional offer birthing classes. I took mine at AK Regional as that was our preferred hospital for our insurance. I also took a Breastfeeding class and a baby basics class and they were all wonderful. Both hospitals also offer tours if you want to go and check them out before having your baby.

    To meet other moms, I joined a moms group on www.meetup.com. The group name is mommas and munchkins. If you would like to check it out here is the link. https://www.meetup.com/Mamas-and-Munchkins/

     Fell free to PM me if you have any questions or would like to get together. I am always looking to meet more moms and make new friends. 

  • Can we join that meetup group before we actually pop our babies out?

    (on a side note.... I love meetup.com.  I found my Eagle River Book Club there!)

     My OB is in Wasilla, so we're going to give birth at Mat Su Regional.  But I think the baby classes at AK Regional will be easier for us since are pretty much Anchorage-central.

     Alrighty.. time to go look at the baby class schedule and actually get signed up for a few different subjects!

     Ah, so good to talk to locals - both teh sourdoughs and the transplants!

    March 21, I find out how far along we are. :)
  • I'm from Anchorage, too! Actually, I'm from the South (FL/GA/TN) but have been in Anchorage almost two years now.


    I don't know about any classes yet, I'm doing all my prenatal through the AK Native Hospital because of Hubby being Yupik. I had the option of either doing private visits or joining a group- which we ended up doing. It's the Seal Group and we meet monthly in lieu of reg appointments, get weighed, measured, listen to baby's HB, and then talk about our shared experiences. This last time it was all about aches and pains and what to do about them. As we get closer to our due date, our midwife/leader will be bringing in specialist to teach us about the diff stuff: breastfeeding, delivery process, all that good stuff.


    I'm excited, that's for sure! Didn't expect a baby for another year or two but I guess life had other plans!

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