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And, the worst mom of the hour goes to.....

Me. UGH!

MItzie Kitty, our cat, (or Devil Kitty, as I fondly refer to her) tends to walk up to people, and fall down on her back, leaving her belly exposed.  So adorable!  It looks like she's asking for you to rub or scratch her belly.

The cuteness stops there.  DON'T do it!!!  It's a trap!!  As soon as your hand gets close, she claws at you viciously. (hence, Devil-Kitty).

So, this morning, I sit K on the floor in front of his toys and head to the kitchen to wash his bottles (I'm maybe 15 feet away, high bar separates us).  I see DK walk over to him, and fall back on her flags go off, but I continue to wash and watch them.  Of course, K reaches out for DK and in split seconds, she's taken several swipes at him and he's in tears.

DK ended up outside for 30 minutes (she's an indoor cat) and K stopped crying in 3 seconds......but, now he looks abused.

Worst mom ever.....



Re: And, the worst mom of the hour goes to.....

  • Awww, poor K!  If it makes you feel any better, T has a wound just now healing up (carpet burn) from being knocked over by our dog :(
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  • Oh no!  Poor K :o(  I think we as moms feel 1000x worse than our kids do after battle wounds :o(
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  • image ibfloridagirl:
    Oh no!  Poor K :o(  I think we as moms feel 1000x worse than our kids do after battle wounds :o(

    Ditto this! I think we have all been there, hope little K feels better soon.

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  • ....oh poor K....

    bad DK...bad, bad, DK....

    And you are not 7 lb Chi did a drive by on Katie...she was flat on her back in 5.6 seconds...about 3 seconds before my

    ".....Noooo Pee Wee nooooo......"

    mmm yeah that was going to Katie was fine and Pee Wee was penned for 30 minutes (seems to be the going time out for family pets) and Katie then went to have her infamous stare down with Bruno (PIP)

  • You are far from the worst mom. The worst mom wouldn't have rescued K, wouldn't have sent DK out, and wouldn't feel guilty at all. 

    You are a great mom. K is fine, and I bet those scratches will heal in no time.

  • Oh poor K!

    Things like that happen to the best of us. You are such a wonderful mom, just you feeling so guilty proves that :)

  • Awww. Like pp said, I think it's so much worse on mom than baby. :( He'll be okay... Love that huge grin, too. He's adorable!
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