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Balboa Military vs. civilian hosipital???

hi this is my first child, and I was just wondering if anyone has delivered both at Balboa Naval and a local San Diego Hospital. With the way the TriCare Prime is here in San Diego (I guess due to military overpopulation) I have the option of staying with my civilian doctor, and it is all covered (or so they say) or I can go to Balboa Naval. I chose an OB who was a referral from a friend who is also over 35 and the doctor kinda specializes with "older" mothers

I was so sure that is what I wanted to do, but for some reason now I am having some doubts. Do any of you have any experience with both military and civilian births?

Re: Balboa Military vs. civilian hosipital???

  • Dont do it...Balboa is horrible...........if you have a civilian dr....GO!!!
  • Both my sister and a good friend of mine had their baby at Balboa Naval hospital and had WONDERFUL experiences! They completely redid their maternity/labor floor and it looks great.
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  • i didn't actually deliver at balboa but i received all my prenatal care through them and did a walk-through and took two classes there... it wasn't horrible, but they are VERY inflexible with just about everything and i knew it was not where i wanted to deliver at all-i switched out at 34 weeks because i was so unhappy.

    i ended up delivering at best start, and even though i had to change to standard, it was worth it a hundred times over. it was completely covered still, and was just what i wanted. the only reason i had to change to standard was because i had received so much care through the MTF and they had plenty of space still. but it is completely possible to remain on prime and see a civilian doctor and deliver wherever you want and it will be covered 100%, with the exception of possibly having to pay $25 dollars per night of hospitilization, but that may just be for standard.

    either way, if you are unsure at all, take this chance while you have it!

  • thank you everyone your comments really help and nluvntexas you seriously answered my biggest concern, i was worried there would be hidden fees in the testing.  At this time we will stay with the civilian doctor since she specializes in older first time mommies and plus since I haven't a clue how to negotiate the balboa system.
  • I didn't deliver at Balboa, but I did have to see a cardiologist there and didn't have a great experience.  I delivered at UCSD and was a patient of Dr. Moore....I would stick with civilian, and don't worry about the coverage...everything is still covered.

    That being said, I had a friend who had uncomplicated pregnancy, delivered at Balboa and said she had a great experience.  I personally just prefer the civilian doctors over the military ones (we also fought and were able to have our baby stay with a civilian pedi after we were reassigned to a military one and were unable to get a well baby appointment months out).

     Don't doubt yourself, I think you made a great choice!

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