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Gift Receipt Question

My baby shower was this weekend (more on that was amazing).  Anyway, one person there bought me about 40 baby outfits from one store.  I am NOT over-exaggerating here. 40 separate outfits!  Her gift also included bottles and blankets.  She was extremely generous.  So much so that I'm seriously considering granting her hospital visit RIGHTS!!   It took me about 15 minutes to open JUST her gifts alone.

She also included a gift receipt, but the receipt only shows one item on it.  Are gift receipts generally not itemized or is the gift receipt just for that ONE item?

Seeing as how my child already has a closet that could rival that of Ryan Seacrest, I am definitely going to attempt to return some of what was purchased for store credit in order to grab some other essentials. Just want to make sure I won't run into any problems with the gift receipt.  I'm assuming that when they scan the bar code, the rest of the stuff pops up, not just the one item on the receipt.

The store is Sears, and I never shop there so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I'm just less familiar with Sears gift receipts.


Re: Gift Receipt Question

  • most of the gift receipts I've gotten only have one item, or none, and then when they scan them at the store everything pops up. I'm not sure about Sears either, but it should be fine! (thats a lot of outfits btw) wow!

    good luck!


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  • I had my baby shower this weekend as well and my gift receipts have each item listed (however they are mostly for Target and BRU, no Sears)  Hopefully this isn't your case though.  Congrats on the loot and happy returning!
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  • Usually gift receipts have only one item or no items listed at all. 

    I know this from the hellish job I had working for Macys during the holiday season about 10 years ago. 

    I still have nightmares about that job. 



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  • ditto what pp said but I might also mention that sears is usually pretty good about returning stuff, and if anything you could get in store credit that you can use for ALL sorts of things! 
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  • Thanks ladies!! I'm gonna pay Sears a visit tomorrow.  I'm hoping they have some of the same stuff as our registry.  Then I'm headed to do returns at Target, then BRU. Whew...but I am not complaining! :-)
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