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Sibley Childbirth and Parenting Classes?

Any recommendations on Sibley's Childbirth and Parenting Classes?  On the website they recommend Babycare Skills, Labor and Delivery, and Preparing to Breastfeed for first timers (which I am.)

I guess specifically related to the Babycare Skills one-- I am a pediatric physical therapist with experience working with infants and toddlers... Is it worth $70 to be reminded how to diaper a baby, comfort a crying baby etc?  I was thinking it would be worth it for my husband...

Thanks for the help!  I have already emailed them and am awaiting a reply but I thought I would ask for your thoughts!

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Re: Sibley Childbirth and Parenting Classes?

  • We did the day-long childbirth class. We're glad we did it, but we wouldn't do it again.

    Personally, I would hold off on any of the other courses. The childbirth class did teach us how to respond to certain behaviors so we didn't feel the babycare class was necessary- and given your background it might be WAY to basic. Plus Sibley was awesome at helping us out and teaching us (esp. DH) kidcare 101. If you find you need assistance after you bring LO home, then you can go, but I think you'll find both you and DH won't need it.

    Don't shell out the $$ for the breastfeeding class. Wait until you and your LO try a few times-then you'll know what problem spots you'll need to address. Plus they have a class at the hospital every morning on breastfeeding- it's FREE- and they have an LC on call. They are wonderful at giving you lots of support in this area. HTH!

  • We took the babycare skills class at Sibley and enjoyed it because it got us excited about our arrival and gave us some helpful tools. However, neither of us had experience with babies recently (especially DH), so you might find it not as worthwhile as we did. We did get some DVD's on Netflix about babycare that might be just as helpful for you and you can fast forward any parts you don't need.
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  • I would not recommend the the labor & delivery class. We got very little out of it. It is basically everything you can read in any final chapters of a pregnancy book.

     Go to the Breastfeeding Center on K street in DC for their FREE intro to breastfeeding class. 

    Given your line of work, I'm pretty sure Babycare skills would be boring, but potentially useful for your husband. 

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  • We went to the daylong L&D class, as well as a breathing and relaxation class. We were glad we did them, as it ensured that we were both hearing it, whereas we seemed to pay attention to different things in the books. It also includes a tour, which is nice to see, but not necessarily super-accurate. (But, if you're not familiar with Sibley, is helpful for the basics of where you pull up and park, timing your drive to the hospital, where you check in, how long you can expect to be in the L&D room before moving to post-partum.)
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