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Anyone live in Schertz?

We've been looking at buying a house in Schertz but just aren't sure if we are going to hate the drive eventually.  We are both self employed so don't have to deal with rush hour as much as we would with a regular 9-5 but we still have appointments all the time all over SA.  The elementary is Weiderstein which is only rated 5 out of 10 but 4 out of 5 by parents.  Does anyone know anything else about it? 

Re: Anyone live in Schertz?

  •  I live in the north east so I am pretty close to schertz and heard it's a good area. I have not heard of that elementary school but I am a teacher and SCUISD is a good district. Hope that helps a little !
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  • I live in Schertz!  It's a great school from what my friends have said.  I went to school in the SCUCISD since 7th grade.  It's a great district and if you plan to stay for a while the new HS is awesome!!!


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  • I'm in New Braunfels, just up the road. LOVE it here, the rivers and GREAT schools, but I like Schertz too!
  • I live in Cibolo which is right next to Schertz!! We have been here almost a year and love it. YOu get the small town feel but still in the city as i like to say. The drive at 7 in the morning is a little ruff but its well worth it!
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