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Very faint line again 15dpo

So I tested this morning and there is still a faint 2nd line...wouldn't you think it would be darker at 15 dpo??


Re: Very faint line again 15dpo

  • some people have very slow to rise betas (but have very healthy pregnancies).  when is your beta?  two lines is two lines sister!  congrats!
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  • i don't know what my beta is.  i have yet to go to an RE.  my obgyn is not monitoring me closely.  i've only gone for progesterone check on day 23 which confirmed ovulation.
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  • Sometimes the darkness of the line has to do with the amount of dye in the test and not how pregnant you are. Congratulations!
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  • When is your BETA? It could be late implanter? Good luck.
  • YOu might just have  a late little starter in there... call your dr in the am!

    Good luck and congrats! :) 

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  • I am going to reach here a little bit. I checked out your chart and I question your coverline, mostly by the open circles, but clearly from the rise a few days after it was given. So I am reaching and going to say you are only about 12 dpo at best. It is completely normal to have a light line. THe fact that it is still there means something!! Do you have a beta scheduled?

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  • FF pointed out that I may have ovulated later.  No beta scheduled.  I don't have an RE.
  • You can ask for a beta from your OB/GYN.  Not all do them automatically, but hopefully they will if you request one.  Call them in the morning.  And congrats!
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  • lurker coming out

    congrats, can't wait to hear a beta number

    enjoying the sunshine

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  • i'll definitely ask my dr tomorrow!  thank you!!!!!!!
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