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Need daycare or back up care recommendations

Good grief, DS' daycare is crazy. Need a daycare recommendation for the southwest Cleveland area. Does anyone have backup care?

Re: Need daycare or back up care recommendations

  • I don't have any suggestions for you but you can search the State's licensing website for daycares and read about how their inspections went.

     I don't know how you would secure "back up" care though...maybe place a deposit somewhere for a certain date and risk losing the deposit if you decide not to switch?

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  • Back up care is for days when your regular babycare falls through or if my DH is still at home but needs a sitter for a few hours.
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  •  We liked the family life center in lakewood a lot, was our #1 choice until we decided to go with a place closer to work.   A good friend's 15 month old is there and they love it. I think they have about 5 daycares on the west side of town, centered out of Berea.  Not sure if that's close enough, but I'd check them out.
  • My back-up care is my in-laws, but only for a few months out of the year...When she's sick, I have no back-up care, hence the reason behind me being stuck at home today with a sick baby....

     Are there any neighbors around you that you'd feel comfortable asking?  Or any churches?  Some home daycare people post on craigslist.  Never in my area, of course, but depending on where you are, you might find someone.  

    We had DD in a home daycare to start and the lady called off so many times in the first (and only) month she was there.  We switched to a center to avoid this.  

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