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Im knew to the Watertown/Belmont/Cambridge area. Does anyone know where a good place to look for a mommy group in the area is? Dying to make some friends before my LO comes.

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  • I hear that childbirth classes are a great place to meet other couples who are also expecting. Isis Maternity (there are a few around the area, including on in Arlington) has a Pregnancy 101 class that you can take during the first trimester. I am debating whether my DH and I will take it. Maybe also prenatal yoga classes? I haven't tried those either, but probably I will at some point.
  • I'm in the Watertown area as well, and I second the pp about meeting some new friends in prenatal courses.  I took prenatal yoga at Inner Strength on Main Street in Watertown.  The teacher was great, and I met alot of other expecting mothers.

    You could also check out the Watertown Family Network: .  I have don't much with that, but I think they have some fun events.  GL!

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  • I belong to a local Mom's's an international organization;  have met some great people and we get together (at least) weekly.....see if there's one in your area
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