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Formal name for nn Ellie

I'm being induced next Friday (the 7th!) and we did not find out what we are having...sooo...I need some assistance :)

We have some boys names that we like, however, we are still working on a girl name. I LOVE the name Ellie and we are considering Elle, but I've always been a person that likes longer names and shorten to nicknames.

Ella was my Nana's name, and I'm not crazy about it...and DH doesn't like Eleanore. Any other suggestions on names that can be shortened to Ellie? Other ones that were considered but nixed were: Elizabeth, Penelope and Eloise.

Thanks for your help! 

Re: Formal name for nn Ellie

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    I love Eliana/Elliana.
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    any name that ends in "elle" should work:






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  • Elliot, Ellen, anything ending in an "L" sound, Isobelle, Maybelle, Nobelle, Noelle... 

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    Elaine.  Anything ending in -elle and starting with El-.

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  • The only name my husband has EVER said he likes is Elliot for a little girl.  (Like the girl on Scrubs).  Although I'm not sold on it - if I did it... we would call her Ellie.
  • I also like Ellianna (not sure how it would be spelled)

  • I worked with a woman, her name was Ellie.  No nn.  Just Ellie.

    There is also Eloise.

  • We had on our list Ellison and we were going to call her Ellie or Ellis. I also LOVE Eloise
  • My god daughter is Ellie, her full name is Elizabeth.  
  • We are considering the name Eliana and calling her Ellie or Ella.  We're still not sure, but it's really growing on me.
  • Elise is the formal name for the Ellie I know.  But, I like the name as just Ellie.  Very cute.

  • My friend's DD is Gabrielle, they call her Ellie.  

    GL with your induction!!! Make sure you drop in and introduce the LO ;-)  

  • I know a little girl named Eliana they call her Elli
  • I know an Ellie, full name Elise. I think it grows well so I like it.
  • Eleanor

    Edit: nevermind, reread post!

  • Ellen




    Eleni (pronounced eh-LAY-nee - it's Greek!)

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  • I only know of one person who's name is Ellie and that is their nickname - her name is Ellis (a family name).  The other Ellie I know, is just simply Ellie.
  • I like Elizabeth
  • My girlfriend has a daughter named Ellery and they call her Ellie.  So cute.  I also love Elise/Elisa and/or Eliana.
  • The little girl I used to nanny for was called Ellie, which was short for Elspeth, which was her grandmother's name...the family was british, perhaps more common over there:)  I think it is pretty though.
  • My sister's name is Ellen and we call her Ellie sometimes. Good luck!
  • I love Elliotte, it's one my list. Ellie when she's little and then she can be Elle when she gets older!
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