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Does anyone have..

A sling carrier I could try and possibly borrow for when I take Audrey to RI in a few weeks? We aren't taking a stroller (my parents went a little crazy and bought her everything for their house), and I'm going to take my Baby Bjorn, but our flight there is at 4:30 and we don't get into RI until 10:30 pm, so I'm thinking she will be sleeping (hopefully!). I was going to take the Boppy, but I'm doing the trip home alone with her and I can't imagine carrying that and a diaper bag and her.

Is a sling to small for a 4 mo old (she will be 4 months when we are there)? She's around 13lbs right now.

I have the Moby, but I feel like it's a PITA to put on and take off and she likes the Baby Bjorn when we are walking around and she is awake. 


Re: Does anyone have..

  • You're welcome to borrow my peanut shell!! I loved that thing... I also have an ergo and a becco butterfly. And a ring sling, lolz. Yes, I went a little crazy w/ carriers! Just come on over and give them a try :)
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  • Lauren, which do you like best?  I'm trying to decide on one to try with #2 but there are so many choices.
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  • I have two ergos (long story...) I would be happy to loan you one. I also have the infant insert.
  • Thanks ladies! I think the Peanut Shell would work well if she will let me  put her in it!

    Lauren, I'll send you and email this week! Mike's on call today so I wasn't planning on getting out of my pjs unless I get the urge to go to Target because I really need to do laundry and clean!

  • Erin, I know you said that you aren't going to bring your stroller, but it was VERY nice to have at the airport on our trip this past weekend.  Just think, you won't want to hold her AND carry your bags ALL day.  Plus, if you need to use the bathroom, eat, etc.....

    I used the stroller to hold some of my bags as well.  I was going to bring the little umbrella stroller b/c it's much smaller and lighter - but I decided to bring our regular stroller instead b/c it has the storage bin and it reclines so James could sleep in it if we were stuck in the airport or anywhere else.

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