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Prenatal yoga suggestions for Los Angeles

Hello Ladies,

I live downtown and work in Beverly Hills. I really want to find a great prenatal yoga class to attend that isn't going to cost a million dollars. Help?


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


2-5-10 :-)

Re: Prenatal yoga suggestions for Los Angeles

  • If you want to travel, there's Two Hearts Yoga in Sherman Oaks.  I did my prenatal classes there and it was great.



  • What about Women's Physical Therapy in Beverly Hills....310-273-0877 or Silverlake Yoga?
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  • I went to Yogaworks a few times.  It was expensive...I found that prenatal yoga is pricey all around ($17 a class, less if you buy a pack).  Most of the women there were 36+ weeks.  With that said...if you can find a gym that offers yoga, that might be your best bet since you are early on.  Just talk to the instructor beforehand and she will tell you what moves to avoid.

     In the prenatal yoga class, I did really lame moves and felt like I did not get a good stretch bc of the limitations in movement.  So if you are still early, I would take advantage of the regular classes.


  • I am surprised no one has mentioned the prenatal yoga of all prenatal yoga classes! ?GOLDEN BRIDGE! ?The studio is owned by garmukh who you can find all sorts of info online...Golden Bridge is a whole yoga world with a shop, restaurant, child birth and breast feeding workshops, will LOVE IT! ?I go Saturdays to Sada Simram's class.
    Proud mom to DD Born Oct. 26, 2007, and DS Sept. 2, 2009
  • ps...I highly recommend Cynthia Epps breast feeing class there...WAY more helpful than the lame one I took at my hospital.
    Proud mom to DD Born Oct. 26, 2007, and DS Sept. 2, 2009
  • I went to Yoga West on Robertson, just south of Pico. I loved it!
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