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Why are you smiling?

Happy Friday?  What's going on with everyone?

BR:  Drake is trying to talk more and more!  He just blows really hard and makes noise but it is a huge step from not being able to get air out his mouth!  He is so proud of himself!

NBR:  My daughter's 14th birthday is Monday!  This means that I get a chance to spoil her with a good excuse!  Both of my kids are so sweet that it's hard not to spoil them all of the time! 

Everyone else please chime in!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Re: Why are you smiling?

  • I'm excited because we got a lot of new equipment from our PT this week, including Isaac's AFO's and his Stander, so I'm looking forward to using them with him.  Weight bearing here we come!!!  :) 

    I'll throw in a whine too though  :)  I found out the man has an ear infection today, so that fever I thought/hoped was due to teething was really because he was sick.  Poor little man.  But now we are medicated and hopefully feeling way better soon!!! 

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  • I am pregnant again!!!  We are really hoping that this one sticks around and is a healthy bean.

    Linc is starting to explore a bit more, and is getting much more stable on his feet when he pulls up.  Also, he had 1 seizure free day this week.  It was his first seizure free day in 4 months!

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  • I am smiling today because DD said "bye-bye oooo ooooo (train)"

    She's getting there, slowly, but surely.

  • We also got new equipment.  Owen's stander and his new Kimba chair came in( finally).  Plus it is sunny here today...going to enjoy it with the boys!
  • We have been home from the hospital for over a month now after being in the hospital for 3 months and our little man has gained 2 pounds and 1 inch since we have been home!! We couldn't be happier!
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