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if one more person...

Tells me to keep my legs shut or to give birth on a particular day, I'm seriously going to go insane.

SIL - doesn't want to share her birthday (Aug 3)

MIL (1st request)  - doesn't want me to go into labor until Aug because 3 of her 4 children were Aug babies and she wants it to continue

MIL (2nd request) - can't be later in the week because they'll all be in Georgia for Jake's little brother's basic training graduation

My mom - can't be past my due date because she wants me to attend a wedding on the 22nd.  In Naperville.  HA, right.

My sister - I can only going into labor during her 3 days off next week

My own husband (who did get the earful) - I'm supposed to wait until at least Aug 11 because he decided last month to take a last minute internship in Evansville.  He's been doing a lot of it from Bloomington, but still has to go back down to Evansville next week, then again to present to the board on my due date. 


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