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Where should we go camping?

We are planning on going camping Labor Day weekend with my parents and sister's family. There will be 5 kids all together. We wanted to camp outside Asheboro and go to the Zoo, but are having trouble actually finding a campsite with sites open. Our other idea was maybe going to Myrtle Beach to one of those "resort" campgrounds with fancy pools, mini golf, etc. and just enjoy what is there. I just can't decide!

We are looking for something within 4 hours of both Raleigh and Jacksonville. Any ideas??
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Re: Where should we go camping?

  • DH's family has been going to Pirate Land at Myrtle Beach for YEARS!! They really like it a lot. I've only gone once (I'm not into camping), but they stayed in a "cottage" that year & it was nice. The pool was really nice & it's good to have activities for the kids to do too. 

    Other than that, I have no suggestions b/c my idea of camping would be a Holiday Inn :) 

  • i think you'd have more kid friendly options at myrtle beach but i also think it will be A LOT more crowded than asheboro so that's definitely something to consider!
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  • DH and I go to Julian Price Park in Blowing Rock. Try paging Mikey tomorrow, she goes camping quite a bit so I'm sure she can help!

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  • Finding a place for Labor Day weekend might be hard, alot of places will already be full.  One place we LOVE is Stone Mtn, north of Wilkesboro.  We also really like Kerr Scott Dam (in Wilkesboro, not Raleigh).  There are 3 campgrounds there, Bandit's Roost, Warrior Creek, and I can't remember the 3rd one.  I don't know much about camping near the beach, we never do that.  We much prefer camping in the mtns.  I grew up camping around Kerr Scott Dam and have such fond memories!

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  • I just realized you need something closer to Jacksonville.  Both of the links I gave you are good resources, so you should be able to search through the sites to find something more convenient to both of you.  COE campgrounds and state parks are usually very nice and clean, IMO.  We have liked them alot better than privately owned campgrounds.

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  • Thanks Mikey! I bookmarked some of those places for DH and I to camp at someday. We found a state park about 45 minutes from Asheboro - I think it will work!
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