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possibly a stupid question...

do you think you have to have a nursing degree to be a lactation consultant?
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Re: possibly a stupid question...

  • No you don't.  There are levels of lactation consultants.  Here is the link for IBCLC http://www.iblce.org/index.php.  I think it's the "best" certification there is, according to most BFing sites.

    Here is the info on requirements: http://americas.iblce.org/eligibilityrequirements.php

    I think that it's sort of like a nursing degree where you can start off at one level and more education and clinical experience is required to get to the next level.  I know I've heard of CLCs, who are certified lactation consultants, but they aren't IBCLCs.

  • You can also go through a Doula certification network to start out with a lactation educator certification.  Very similar, but you are not a "consultant". 
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  • You might want to try to page Stacyc over on the BFing board--she's just recently gone through training to be an LC. She has numbers after her name but I forget what they are--625 maybe?

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