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PIP- 17w3d Belly and Nursery

I just have to say this... I feel huge!!! I'm at 17w3d and I'm really really showing (and I'm only having one baby, not twins). Is anybody else showing this much this early or am I just a freak of nature?


Re: PIP- 17w3d Belly and Nursery

  • Cute nursery! I'm not even showing that much now, and I'm 23 weeks today. I think LO is laying sideways though.
  • Freak.

    He he he. Just kidding. I am just jealous of your bump! There have been a few women on here who showed really early like that. You are just lucky!

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  • Aw, cute nursery.  I think you look great!  Some people show more/earlier than others, everyone is different (as i'm sure you've seen on here)
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  • I think you look adorable!  I'm just over 16 weeks and am probably the same size as you (but it's my second).
  • Very cute...both you and the nursery.

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  • I am showing already. I cant believe you have your nursery done! I am so jealous. We havent even started. DH wants to wait until the shower to see what we get (I will be 34 weeks!)

    You look great!

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  • I started showing earlier, just like you, but I thought it was because I'm only 5'1" and I had nowhere to go but out.  Things have slowed down now, though, and I think I'm looking pretty normal for 25 weeks.  And can I just say, I can't believe you have the nursery done already!  My goal is to have ours done by the time I go back to teaching after Labor Day.  I'll be 32 weeks by then.  I wish I was as motivated as you!
  • wow girl, you have it together.  You are already done with the nursery?  Whoa. Cute bump too!!



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  • haha sweetie you are DEFINATELY not a freak. i started showing at 12w and i swear i thought i was having sextuplets or something. im now 22 weeks and definately have a VERY pronounced baby bump. however, i was very thin to begin with, so any little bit shows. anyways- you look amazing and adorable and please dont worry - you have a baby in there :)
  • You look great! Welcome to the showing early freak show.  I get tempted to just say I'm further along so people would stop giving me looks when I say I'm 16 wks. Your bump is adorable!
  • You're not a break! You look great! The nursery does too! :)
  • You look great and I love the nursery! I can't believe you're done!
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  • Nice work on the nursery. I am a house. Thankfully all belly this time. People think I am due like yesterday!
  • I had strangers asking me when I was due around 15 weeks. I showed wayyy early... My mom did the same with my brother and I. I wonder if it is something that is passed on through generations???
  • You look adorable!  Is it your first?  Either way you aren't a freak. Just look cute way sooner than a lot of us :)
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