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prenatal yoga - metro west?

Hi there,

I used to do heated yoga and have stopped....a lot of the women I do yoga w/ did it throughout their pregnancies, but after two miscarriages, I'm not taking any chances! 

I'm looking for a studio that has pre-natal yoga on a regular basis (not just one class a week or something).  Any ideas? 
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Re: prenatal yoga - metro west?

  • I was wondering the same thing. I haven't gone but I did see there was a class in Wellesley



  • I took a prenatal yoga class at Inner Strength yoga studio on Main St. in Watertown (  They had a class on Saturday mornings and one weeknight.  I thought the teacher, Shannon Garvey, was excellent.
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  • I'm not sure where you are in MetroWest, but I was going to Absolute Yoga in Hopkinton and while yoga turned out not to be by thing, the people were great and everyone else seemed to be enjoying the classes.
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